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Long Term Business Funding

This solution is a common form of prolonged business financing. The borrower receives a totality of cash upfront to invest in their organization and repay with interest over a predetermined time period.

 This option is best for companies with good credit and strong revenue whom are looking to expand their enterprise. 

Is This The Right Fit For You?

  • Get a lump sum amount of money to invest as the borrower sees fit

  • Borrow higher amounts

  • Get capital in 2 - 7 days 

  •  Longer phases and lower rates allow more time to pay off at cheaper interest

  • May involve some type of collateral

  • Lengthy application procedure 

  • Incorporated for at least 2 years, as well as have 2 years of business tax returns

Longer term business funds are great for:

  • Firms looking to grow

  • Owners with better credit and consistent cashflow who can wait for support. 

  • Corporations looking to make an investment with lengthier durations

Our 3 Step Process:

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1. Apply

Fill out our Quick application.

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2. We review your submission

We review your goals and present you with programs matching your needs, getting an offer in 24 hours.

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3. Receive Funding

Choose the program that fits you best and receive money within 48 hours.

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